Polyface Farm

Saturday we went out to Swoope, VA to visit Joel Salatin‘s Polyface Farm and pick up our turkeys for Thanksgiving (this Thursday!). Yes, the level of excitement in the group was akin to Bieber Fever. Formal tours can be arranged, but we decided to show ourselves around, discovering on our own all of the inventions large and small we’ve all been reading about the farm. The fact that you’re allowed to just show up and walk around by yourself let’s you know things are run very differently at Polyface, as opposed to your typical farm. We saw the mobile chicken coops that allow the chickens to clean up after the cows, the portable fencing that allows the cows to move from field to field, and the evidence that it really happens – there was a cow-made line in the grass where they had been previously, the grass in the previous field eaten down. The pictures really speak for themselves, though – so let’s cut right to those!

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