Schedule of events leading up to the Hundred Mile Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving Committee is very excited to announce our schedule of events leading up to the big day! We’re organizing these trips to spark interest in local food systems and showcase the many options to eat locally that we’re lucky to have here in the Charlottesville/Albemarle region (plus, lets be honest, who doesn’t want to sample delicious apples and cider, etc.?) Of course we’ll be collecting ingredients along the way for the recipes we’re putting together for Thanksgiving. We hope that you’ll join us for any/all of the events that pique your interest….

*Saturday, October 10th – canning and fermenting workshop (St. Paul’s Church on the corner; 1pm – 3:30pm)

*Saturday, October 24th – trip to Wade’s Mill (flour) and Rockbridge Vineyards in Raphine, VA

Saturday, November 7th – Vintage Virginia Apples Fall Festival (10am-5pm) in North Garden, VA

Saturday, November – trip to Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA to pick up turkeys!

Friday November 20th – HUNDRED MILE THANKSGIVING DINNER @ St. Paul’s Church, Charlottesville

*Spots in carpools should be available on a limited basis for each of the above events, so don’t let a lack of transportation stop you from coming with us…

We will continue to post to this blog if any of the above information changes, so be sure to check back frequently. Also, be thinking about those recipes….if you have a good one and want collaboration and/or help with finding local ingredients for it please share it here as well! Lastly, if you know of any awesome local food vendors feel free to give them a shout out on the blog….it’s always good to get the word out about awesome farmers and foodies in our local Charlottesville community.  Happy (local) eating!


SPA visits the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello!

Five of us here in the Student Planners Association (SPA) made the trip up to Mont Alto (the hilltop adjacent to Monticello) yesterday for this year’s Heritage Harvest Festival.  We had a blast!!

My personal highlights:

-the worm composting demonstration…..looked kind of gross at first, but it was AMAZING how quickly stuff in the worm bins (mostly fruit rinds, peels, etc)  decomposes into very rich compost that plants apparently go crazy for.

-a real, old-school blacksmith demonstration!

-the tomato tasting booth.  A couple of farmers had set up a booth where people could sample tons of diverse tomato varieties. They were delicious, and some varieties were at the peak of the season.

-the view from Mont Alto is spectacular.  You should check it out sometime….gorgeous, panoramic views of Albemarle County and Monticello.

We came back to Grounds with tons of new information about not only the local food scene in C-ville.  We may have also come back to Grounds a collective ten pounds heavier because of all the delicious food we ate up there.  The lineup of weekly or bi-weekly events (all focus on some aspect of local food in the Albemarle region) that S.P.A. is planning leading up to Thanksgiving is providing us with tons of inspiration, even though Thanksgiving seems kind of far off right now.  Keep checking back, we’ll put the schedule of events up here pretty soon!

-Emily Laetz

SARC ’10


Welcome!  We’ve gotten started planning the 2009 UVA Urban and Environmental Planning Department’s Hundred-Mile Thanksgiving, where all food is sourced from within one hundred miles of Charlottesville.  Please be sure to check in often, as we will have several great events focused on exploring local food systems for the next few months.   We will be attending an apple harvest festival, learning about canning vegetables from the garden, and touring a vineyard and tasting their wine, just to name a few.   In addition, we’ll be posting links to relevant resources online along with commentaries from professors and community members.  Please leave comments with thoughts and suggestions if you have them!